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  • 2B BA stainless steel sheet

  • FOB Price: US $ 23.00 - 190.00 / Piece
  • MOQ: 1 Pieces
  • Monthly Capacity: 1000 Pieces
  • Port: Tianjin port or any port of china
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Credit Card, Paypal
  • inquiry
  • Description

2B is a classification of stainless steel panel, which is one of the stainless steel surface levels.

FOB Price:
5 Tons
Monthly Capacity:
3000 Tons
foshan shenzhen
Payment Terms:

L/C, T/T

Product Description

    Stainless steel plate: there are cold rolled plate and hot rolled plate. Its surface has bright, misty and inferior smooth type. It is also known as stainless steel plate. There are 2B plate and BA plate. Besides, light color can be customized according to customer’s requirements. The specifications of the plate are: 1 m * 1 m, 1 m * 2 m, 1.22 m * 2.44 m, 1.5 m * 3 m, 1.5 m * 6 m. If there is a big order, we can cut the size according to customer’s sample. We can also do wire drawing board, checkered plate, galvanized plate.

1.The product details :

Rating: 201, 304, 316, 430

Standard: AISI, ASTM, JIS, GB, DIN, EN

Length: 1000 mm - 6000 mm or according to customer’s requirement

Thickness: 0.3 mm - 3 mm Width: < = 1219 mm

Length: < = 6000 mm Origin: Guangdong China (mainland)

Brand name: LS Surface: 2B, AB

Type: plate Application: industry and decoration

Certification: IOS Material: Lianzong,Taigang, Baogang, Puxiang, Zhangjiagang Puxiang, Kelvbo

Surface treatment: none

Packing: packed in wooden waterproof (wooden cases are according to your requirement)

Payment terms: cash ondelivery Delivery time:Within 15days after received 30%T/T of deposit or L/C

2.finish we can supply:

No. 1 Finish Hot rolled, annealed and   discased. Produced by   hot rolling followed by annealing and resealing.   Generally used in   industrial applications, such as for heat or corrosion   resistance,   where smoothness offinish is not of particular importance.

No. 2D Finish A dull cold rolled finish.   Produced by cold   rolling, annealing, and resealing. The dull finish may   result from the   resealing or pickling operation or may be developed by a   final light   cold roll pass on dull rolls. The dull finish is favorable   fortune   retention of lubricants on the surface In deep drawing operations. This finish is generally used in forming deep drawn articles which may be polished after fabrication.

No. 2B Finish A bright cold rolled finish   commonly produced in   the same manner as No. 2D, except twattle annealed and   resealed sheet   receives a finalxlight cold rolled pass on polished rolls.   This is a   general purpose cold rolled finish. It ii-commonly used for all but     exceptionally difficult deep drawing applications. This finish is more  readily polished than No. 1 or No. Ad Finish.

No. 3 Finish is a polished finish   obtained with abrasives   approximately 100 mesh, and which may or may not be   additionally   polished during fabrication.

No. 4 Finish is a general purpose   polished finish widely used   for restaurant equipment, kitchen   equipmentstorefronts, dairy   equipment Mc.Following initial grinding with   coarserabrasives, sheets   are generally finished last with abrasives   approximately 120 to 154   mesh.

No. 7 Finish has a high degree of   reflectivity. It is   produced by buffing of finely ground surface, but the   grit lines are   not removed. It is chiefly used for architectural and   ornamental   purposes.

No. 8 Finish is the most reflective   finish that is commonly   produced. It is obtained by polishing with   successively finer abrasives   and buffing extensively with very fine buffing   rouges. The surface is   essentially free of grit lines from preliminary   grinding operations.   This finish is most widely used for press plates, as   well as for small   mirrors and reflectors.

HL Finish Polished with abrasive belt   of grit #150-#320 on   the NO.4 finish and has continuous streaks, mainly used   as buildings   ornaments elevators, door of building, frontal plate etc.

BA Finish Cold rolled, bright annealed   and skin-passed,   the product have excellent brightness and good reflexivity   like   mirror, kitchen apparatus, ornament etc.

8K Finish The product have excellent   brightness and prefer   reflexivity can to be the mirror.

表面.jpg information:  

slitting machine .jpg



4.packing and delivery:   


packing 2.jpg




    We are stainless steel company in china,welcome to visit our factory.Choosing our stainless steel products will help you reduce wastes and costs effectively.If you are interested in any of our steel products, please feel free to contact us .Our sales manager will contact you within 24 hours.And we can supply you more resonable and competitive price and good quality products.

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